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Queer as Folk is love.

graphics community

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Queer as Folk Graphics
Welcome to QaF Graphics! This is a community created with the purpose of sharing graphics related to the Queer as Folk series. Whether you are an graphic maker or someone who only like the series, you're more than welcome to join.

On joining in this community you agreed on respect some simple rules:
- Post your graphics here or link to a post containing the icons that are in your journal or community;
Remember: Do not link to a friends-only post.
- Use a lj-cut when posting more than 3 icons;
Remember: It's also a good idea resize the images on your teaser when they are too big.
- Your teaser should contain 3 or less icons;
- Do not request icons here;
- Don't make a post with just one icon. Wait until you have more icons made and then post them all together.

Enjoy :)

Affiliates: seriesicons